About the project - AQuiT


The “Active Qualification in Tourism” (AQuiT) project strongly supports vocational education and training providers working with low-level employees in the tourism sector. It particularly wants to help improve the situation of these people participating in training programmes.

Firstly, AQuiT will aim at improving skills among teachers, trainers and experts for relevant VET tourism subjects and supply learning contents and training materials that particularly show how to motivate, empower and equip the target group of unemployed learners to become better qualified actors in the tourism sector. Local training providers involved shall be enabled to apply these newly acquired practices on their own in an independent and sustainable way.

Secondly, unemployed persons will receive the possibility to have their (formally and non-formally) acquired skills and competences recognized for work in tourism, helping them provide evidence of these to potential employers in this sector and promote their chances of (re-)integration into the labour market. At the same time, employers will have the opportunity to compare skills of job applicants and (potential) employees against an existing reference system that defines (hard and soft) skills necessary and levels to be distinguished within the tourism work sector.

There are the following target groups in BiH:

  • Vocational education and training providers, in particular for tourism
  • Unemployed people searching for professional (re-)integration in tourism
  • Public authorities for labour market policy measures
  • Tourism providers and their associations